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David Baerwald - Live @ Steamboat / Triage short film DVD


CD Cover

 Track listing
1 - 5/14/2002 Steamboat Show from Austin, TX
2 - bonus live NFU
3 - Triage short film
4 - bonus promo videos

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 Recording Information
A complete description of this DVD - along with ordering instructions - can be found on the DVD page. Click here to go there.



A review of Triage short film from Live @ Steamboat / Triage short film DVD posted by ALI on 9/13/2007
A review of Live @ Steamboat / Triage short film DVD posted by Neil Wallace on 8/4/2004
It's difficult to write an objective review of an artist I've admired since first hearing him on Perth FM radio some 15 - 20 years ago.

However, I'll give it a go. I must admit that it had been some time between visits to to the DBInfosource web-site, and when I saw the DVD offer, I could hardly contain my excitement.

While my excitement dulled a little when I learned that it was not produced by the record company, reading some of the reviews and learning that the production had David's blessing soon allayed my fears.

The packaging and liner notes (by David himself) are insightful and as professional as any disc you'll find on store shelves.

However the really nice surprise is to be found among the binary signal on the little silver discs.

The first disc documents a show at Steamboat, Austin Texas recorded 2 years ago and really demonstrates the intimacy and rawness which David has embraced by co-founding the NFU. Not being familiar with the Triage and A Fine Mess recordings, 'Silver or Lead', 'The Bitter Tree' and 'In the Wild, Wild West' stunned me. Welcome to the Boomtown is a great version, with guitarist Darwin Smith really helping to do the song justice, while putting his own stamp on the guitar line.

The bonus video clips on disc 2 are a real eye-opener, with David's hair really reminding us of the time these songs were recorded. The live TV version of 'Dance', while musically excellent in this setting, could not be further removed from what the NFU achieves live on the first disc.

The film Triage is also a great bonus, and David is right when he says on the liner notes that this definitely is NOT your father's Music Promo Video.

Some great imagery, especially the 'hands of god' making a flower, and of course the music and commentary of David's is all consuming.

Will we ever see David and the band in Australia? Given his apparant dislike of larger audiences I doubt it - but his Australian fans can only cling to this vague hope.
A review of Triage short film from Live @ Steamboat / Triage short film DVD posted by Kent Daniel Bentkowski on 6/25/2004

I had never seen the TRIAGE short film until I received my copies of the DVD just two days ago. However, a few people had asked me if I had seen it, based upon my public comments. When I sat down and actually watched it, it discussed quite a few things which I had already researched on my own --- coming up with the same conclusions as David discussed throughout the film.

The amazing thing is that the truth that so many hope IS out there, is often times quite literally right under our noses. Spend a day in your nearest University political current events library, and you will be amazed at the amount of truth that you walked right past on your way to do whatever else that brought you to that library in the first place.

Learn how to use LEXIS/NEXIS --- it puts GOOGLE to shame.

Since I had been doing my own research into every area of Triage, seeing this film reinforced several conclusions I had already made.

Musically, this short film contains many wonderful moments. Whether it is a new take on one of the songs from the album, or a remix of material we are all so familiar with, this film is certainly worth watching and OWNING.

If I had made a film like this, I would have taken it to the following film festivals:

Sundance Film Festival / Toronto Film Festival / Telluride Film Festival / Cannes Film Festival

However, as I happen to be a writer and researcher and not a filmmaker, this would never happen.

Still in all, the TRIAGE short film contains some material that certain individuals will not be able to understand nor tolerate. Not everyone is ready to see this world for what it really is. In this film, David Baerwald shows what HE sees, and often times, it is not a pretty sight.

KDB RATING - A full FIVE Grassy Knolls (out of FIVE)

KDB = Buffalo, NY USA
A review of 5/14/2002 Steamboat Show from Austin, TX from Live @ Steamboat / Triage short film DVD posted by PatBrown on 5/29/2004
I remember the night this was filmed because I was actually going to both of the shows that night. David at the time played once at I think 5:30 then again at 7:00. RawtimeDave had shot several times out at the Steamboat but this particular night had brought better cameras and more cameramen.
The 1st show was basically a wash because of the lighting problems and sound was not that good as I remember. If you notice that they appear to be re-hearsing it is because they were. And it was every Tuesday. Crowds were small (maybe 20 or 30). Tuesday nights with the New Folk Underground. I thought everyone in the band was great except Darwin. I thought he was good but always felt that at some point if the album kicked in that Charlie Sexton would take over. One night Charlie set in and I could tell by watching Darwin that he was in awe of him (Charlie). No doubt about it Charlie was a bad ass on guitar. JJ was phenominal on drums and the keyboard player Bukka was superb. Will did not really get to shine much but he was great on bass.The only downside to the shows was that David would not play anything at all from Bedtime Stories and it really bummed me out because although it was not my favorite up there with David and David it was and is a very very good album. At least have Liberty Lies and Hello Stranger with a Hello Mary and All for You now and again but it was not to be. Having not really liked Triage in the past I did not recognize the songs from Triage but they were powerful live especially Bitter Tree. I thought one of the best songs from the set was Silver or Lead, Toughest Whore and Wild West. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed these shows obviously a hell of a lot because I went like 20 or so and I thought damn if there was some way I could get a hold of Rawtime Dave and maybe get a copy of that show. At first I did'nt think he would give it up but he was more than receptive. I remember him saying this is something that the fans will really appreciate and should see. There were actually like 4 or 5 shows that I was able to get the tapes for and the 1st batch was bad that I sent to Dan so about 2 or 3 months later I went through the process of getting the tapes again (there was a nominal fee. I think it was a firewire card or something). Once Dan had the 2nd set of tapes he meticulously went though them and made the sound even better by filtering out some of the hiss feedback coming from the amps I guess. When I got an advance copy of the work Dan had done along with the other videos I was quite impressed and David really should be too. This is great work done by Dan. Having the liner notes by David and the phenominal artwork by Jeff was just icing on the cake. So sit back grab a brewsky crank up the speakers and put in the DVD and enjoy.
A review of 5/14/2002 Steamboat Show from Austin, TX from Live @ Steamboat / Triage short film DVD posted by Dan on 5/27/2004
Dave from Rawtime.com did an excellent job of capturing the NFU in one of their pre-tour gigs at the Steamboat in Austin, TX. This isn't some shaky handheld bootleg. This is the real deal. The show starts with a casual Swallowed by the Cracks which goes into a tight version of Why?. Then into Silver of Lead...oh...just watch the show. My two favorite songs from that tour were both played - Silver or Lead and The Waiter. The Waiter is just a great song - and the intensity of it in this live setting only adds to it. You will want to turn this one up - and keep it there.


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