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David Baerwald - Live @ Steamboat / Triage double DVD set

Disc one of this very limited double DVD set features a full length live show performed by David Baerwald and the NFU.  The show was professionally shot at the Steamboat in Austin, TX in May of 2002 with a running time of about an hour.  The band performs a nice mix of songs from Here Comes The NFU as well as songs from Triage and Boomtown.  The disc also includes a glimpse into what the traveling NFU looked and sounded like in a few other locations around the US.

Disc two of the set includes the ultra cool short film based on concepts and themes from David Baerwald's Triage.  Included in the film are live performances of Born For Love and Bitter Tree.  Rounding out this disc are the promotional videos for Welcome to the Boomtown, All For You, and Dance as well as a live performance of Dance from the Arsenio Hall Show.  There are also a few other bonus items sprinkled here and there on both of these DVDs.

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Two DVDs packaged in a beautiful digi-pak with slipcase designed by Jeff Wells with liner notes from David Baerwald - all exclusive to this limited set.

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US and Canada - $15 per set + $5 shipping*

Outside the US or CA - $15 per set + $8 shipping**


ordering information - please read the following information very carefully

Ok - the DVDs are ready to roll.   I am using Paypal to handle the credit card or personal check payments.    When you click on the 'buy now' button - you will be taken to a paypal screen where you pick how many sets you want.  You do not need a paypal account to place an order.  If for any reason you do not want to use the paypal system - then drop me an email at the address at the bottom of this page and we'll work out an alternate payment method (paypal is just way easier for me to keep everything organized).  *Shipping in the US and Canada will be $5 for 1 set, and $9 for more than 1 set.  These will be shipped via USPS.  The DVDs will be shipped 7-10 days after you place your order.   As I am handling the shipping duties, patience is key.  Other than that - what are you waiting for!

a note on non US/CA orders

The paypal system handles quite a number of different currencies, so orders outside of the US and Canada will be using this system as well.  **Shipping charges for non-US/CA orders will be slightly higher at $8 for 1 set and $12 for more than 1 set.  These DVDs are region free, so they should play on any DVD player world-wide.  These are NTSC, however - so check with your player to make sure you can play NTSC encoded DVDs.  It just wasn't possible to make PAL versions of this set as well.  If you have a DVD drive on your computer, then the NTSC thing will not be a problem.  Again, if you have any questions email me.

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