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The DBinfosource went online in August of 1997.  Here are the pages where it all started.
The pages are all here - but some of the links may be dead.

Version 1

The first DBinfosource.  Nothing but a lone page of information - which was later joined by the cool Jeff Wells illustration.  This page was uploaded to the web on August 30th, 1997.


Version 2

The second edition of the infosource added multiple pages with sound clips and a discography with pictures.  The biggest improvement, though, was the introduction of the message board (actually a list at the time).  It was on this list that AFM was officially announced (thanks Dave's mom).


Version 3

The third edition came about just as AFM was released.  It added a much improved message board (similar to the current one).  I think this was the shortest lived design...and rightfully so.


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