Recently in the feedback section Diane Baerwald floated quite an interesting offer - New music from DB!  Following is the text from the message -

Diane Baerwald - 07/16/99 23:16:45

Hi Fans, Peter Thompson's comment was right on. David had already told me that I could write to you all and tell you that if you would like some new songs, he has about 18 unpublished songs, masters, he will send you. Just send a self-addressed manilla envelope and $20 to: The Palindrome Recorder, 41 Market Street, Venice, CA 90291, and he will make a copy and send it to you. Bill Bottrell will be coming to L.A. in September, and I imagine that when those two (David and Bill) are together, an album will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, the masters might interest you. Thanks for being there. David's Mom