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Around The Bend Soundtrack Giveaway

The DBis along with Rhino Records is giving away 5 copies of the Around The Bend soundtrack.  Free - nada - nothing.  It'll be shipped right to your door - with Rhino graciously picking up the tab.  This CD features seven David Baerwald tracks - including my favorite of the bunch - "Some Day When You're Young Again." 

All you have to do to win a copy is answer the following 7 DB related questions.  I'm pretty sure the answers can be found somewhere among this site (although I can't guarantee that).  Only one entry per person.  The contest will end at midnight EST on Sunday, November 29th.  If more than five people answer all of the questions correctly - I'll throw those names in a hat and choose the winners that way.  The correct answers are determined by me.  If 5 people don't answer all the questions correctly - then the winners will be chosen from those who answered the most correctly.  The answers and the winners will be posted sometime soon after the 29th.  Good luck.  Oh yeah - the contest is open to everyone everywhere.

Ok - here are the question.
(I am leaving these on here for archival purposes now)

1. When and where was David born?  (city, state - day/month/year)?

2. David played with a band prior to David + David and even before Sensible Shoes - what was its name?

3. Two songs from Bedtime Stories showed up in two movies from the early 90s.  Name the two songs and the two movies they were in.

4.. Where were the outdoor scenes for the Triage short film filmed?

5. What was the full name of the recording studio David had in Venice, CA?  (hint: AFM came from here)?

6. What film was "Come What May" originally written for?

7. What's the title of the unlisted track from Here Comes the New Folk Underground?

Thanks to Rhino Records for supplying the schwag.

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