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New DB track posted to the mp3 page.
David has passed along a new track - a cover of I Won't Back Down. Click on over to the MP3 page and click on the studio link.
Posted by Dan on Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 19:32

Site-wide update
This really isn't ground breaking news - but I just wanted to note that the site has undergone some minor updates. First up is this news updater which also links to old news posts and a number of magazine and website reviews of David's music. Long time visitors will remember this section - but it is only now being replaced after last year's website meltdown. Happy New Year to all.
Posted by Dan on Monday, January 02, 2006 at 18:12

win this cd

Win this CD!  The DBis along with Rhino Records is giving away 5 copies of the Around The Bend soundtrack featuring 7 tracks from David Baerwald.  All you have to do is prove your DB geek-dom by answering a few simple DB-related trivia questions....easy enough.  Click here to test your knowledge.

Posted by Dan on Thursday, November 18, 2004 at 23:58

DVDs are ready to roll!

The long awaited DB DVDs are ready to roll. This very limited 2 DVD set contains a complete live show shot in Austin during the HCtNFU tour, the very cool Triage short film as well as promo vids for WttB, Dance, and All For You...as well as bonus material sprinkled here and there. This is a very limited set. click here to place your order
Posted by Dan on Thursday, May 27, 2004 at 14:04

DVDs are in pre-preorder stage!

First up - the DVDs are in the pre-preorder stage.
Head over to the DVD page to learn more and pre-preorder. Secondly, I added a login feature to this site. This allows for settings to be saved across computers as well as few other things. Registration is quick and painless.

Posted by Dan on Monday, April 12, 2004 at 01:24

3/12/03 update

Here's your chance (I know it's been a long wait....) to finally have your very own DBinfosource sticker to proudly display on your car (or anywhere else). I did it basically for my own enjoyment - but thought others might enjoy it as well. You can order it through CafePress. Just click on this link and it'll take you there. Here is what the sticker looks like -

Posted by Dan on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 16:06

2/06/03 update

Although the DB Infosource may not look very different lately, there are a bunch of things being changed under the hood. For starters, there's this new updater. This spot will have the latest news about this site and David's music. Pat's been hard at work putting together the DB Album review. This will allow us fans to review any DB album or single song. We'd like to expand this review section to include other artists....but we want to make sure it works first. So - if you come here and head straight for the message board - have a new look around. Oh yeah - you can even leave your comments about these updates. Just click on the 'comments' link at the bottom right of this post.

Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 21:33

9/20/02 update
  • The infosource turned 5 on August 30th. Click here to have a look at its humble beginnings.
  • A chat section was added to the site. Drop by and see if anyone is hanging out.
  • I moved the web page to a new server - and with the move will come some new enhancements. First up will be the fan review section on the tour page. I will post to the message board when that is ready for primetime. I also want to thank Michael at Progscape.com for being so generous over the past year and supplying web space free of charge for this site.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:28

    5/07/02 update
  • Tour Dates! Check back often for changes...and always call ahead.
  • The new CD "Here Comes the New Folk Underground" will be released on July 16th. The official site has audio snippets.
  • Just got word from Austin that DB and the NFU will be doing a weekly gig at the Steamboat in Austin, TX on Tuesdays at 5 and 8pm. Two shows! Just to make sure - call before you go. The number is - 512.707.2628
  • Lost Highway has put up snippets from the new CD - due out in July. Go here for the snippets. And get ready for the petition to get Me and My Girl on TRL.
  • Talk about fast. Here are some pictures and an MP3 from the Stubbs show in Austin, TX on 3-11-02. Thanks to James for the pictures and Dave from rawtime.com for the MP3. This whole show will be treed from this site in a few weeks. If anyone has server space (about 400 megs) to host some SHNs, contact me.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:27

    9/25/01 update
  • David has mentioned on the message board that he will be releasing a new CD on the Lost Highway Records label. ETA on this new release is sometime early 2002. I'm sure we'll hear more from DB about this release as it comes together.
  • Also - I just want to add that the 2nd run of AFM are all gone.
  • Thanks to fellow fan, Wayne, for providing scans of the sheet music for Ain't So Easy and All For You. Click here to check those out.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:25

    6/04/01 update

    • If you would like to link to the DBinfosource - here is a banner to use -

    David Baerwald Info Source

    Copy and paste the following HTML into your site for the above banner -

    Alt="David Baerwald Info Source">

    Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:23

    5/27/01 update
  • First of all - the website can now be easily found at www.dbinfosource.com. No more pop-up banners!

  • A huge thanks to Michael Ostrich at Progscape.com for providing this webspace free of charge.

  • The MP3 section underwent some work - the newest addition is the interview segments from DB's appearance on Off The Record with Mary Turner.

  • As of a couple of weeks ago, A Fine Mess is back on sale. Check out this link for more information.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:22

    8/29/00 update
  • Sign-ups for the free CD - Stories Before Bedtime are under way. The deadline for signing up is September 30th.
  • A copying network to help spread the music has been set up. These people will make copies of AFM as well as the live Bottom Line show. Click here for more info..
  • A new MP3 has been posted. This one is a cool mambo version of Hello Mary.
  • Added a new single to the discography - Welcome to the Boomtown.
  • David has posted on the message board that the deal with Lars and Elekta is dead.
  • Corey Ellis is the winner of the cover art design contest for the live show CD. Check it out in the live disc section.
  • The intro tracks for Bedtime Stories and Triage are now online.
  • I've added a couple of more singles to the discography section. If you have any titles not listed there, please let me know so I can add them.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:21

    4/10/00 update
  • Jeff Wells, the designer of the AFM packaging, will be debuting a new website focused on his art and designs. The site will feature "behind the scenes" work from the AFM job. Coming soon....
  • I know this is old news...but just in case. David will be releasing a NEW CD within the next year or so (spring 2001). The disc will be released on Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich's new label (connected with Elektra). A tentative start date of November 1st has been set for recording. David has mentioned that he will more than likely tour in support of this upcoming release.
  • A cover contest is underway for the live disc treed from this site. Check the message board for more info regarding the rules. The winning design will be posted on this site sometime around the end of the month.
  • Tree structure for the live disc has been posted. If you showed up late and missed out on signing up - my advice is to give it some time and then try asking around for a copy in the message board. I would wait at least a month before asking.
  • Added the live tree signup page. Go there if you're interested in getting a copy of a live DB show on CD.
  • This is an interview from Hearsay Magazine. Reprinted here by permission. Check out their website to read more from them.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:19

    1/21/00 update
  • David Baerwald has announced the construction of a website for the Palindrome Recorder recording studio. Check out the site right here!
  • There are a few things DB related that I would like to track down. I know that a video CD featuring the title track from Boomtown along with the video for Welcome to the Boomtown exists. Someone was selling one a while back, but I didn't end up buying it then. Anyone have any info on this? Also, there was a short 30 minute or so documentary type film made from the tracks of Triage. The producers name was Anne-Marie Mackay. I've gotten emails from people who were actually in the film, but no one seems to know where to get a copy. So, if you can help out with any of the above items, let me know.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 18:16

    1/11/00 update
  • A fan from New Jersey named Melanie sent me this article from the magazine Genrecide from 1992. I have scanned the article in and have posted it here for your viewing pleasure. Again, just a note on these article scans - they usually run a little large (~100k each). Cover, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, and the David Baerwald Profile also from that article. If someone wants to OCR these and send me the text files...that'd make things easier for people to read the articles.
  • The DB Info Source website has changed its clothes once again.
  • I received a live DB show from a fellow fan named Chaco out in California. The sound is really nice and the setlist is early-Bedtime Stories era. I am in the process of setting up a trade network to help spread the music. Check out the special page set up for more information.
  • For those of you listening to "A Fine Mess" right now - head on over and vote for your top 12 tracks.
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 17:57

    Everything up to 1/11/00
  • Peter Thompson sent me a copy of this Triage literature. I guess it was issued with Triage as a promo tool. It's 5 pages total, but the first page was just a b/w picture from the CD with David Baerwald written above it. I scanned the other pages. Each of these is about 75K or so. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.
  • David's music will be popping up in the following movies - "Loved" starring William Hurt, "Sand" starring Denis Leary, and "Hurly Burly" starring Sean Penn and Kevin Spacey.
  • This is an article from the Los Angeles Times - It is about a gig with DB and some other musicians.
  • This article came from People magazine from 1987 - it is about David and David.
  • I've received a couple of articles from people about DB. The first one is an article that ran in Time Magazine in 1990. The second one is a VERY interesting article about DB's involvement in the Sheryl Crow song - Leaving Las Vegas.
  • DB had a pretty big part in the movie The Crossing Guard written by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson.
  • Rolling Stone featured a rather lengthy article on DB right around the time of Triage being released. It was in the Sept. 6, 1990 issue.
  • Playboy had a bit in their music section a couple of years ago about a possible release by the Tuesday Night Music Club - the band that was made famous by the Sheryl Crow release of the same name that included both Baerwald and David Ricketts of David & David.
  • I talked with Jill Sobule during the Lilith Fair and I asked her about DB. She said that she didn't meet him and that they co-authored the song "Supermodel" over the phone.
  • DB opened for Jewel during her Summer 97 North American tour. Most of the press I read about the shows treated DB like he was some kind of new performer. Here is a pic of Dave and Jewel. Click on the pic for a bigger view - Jewel and David Baerwald
  • Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 17:55

    Jeff Wells' DB illustration

    Exclusive to this site -

    • The picture to the right was given to me by its creator, Jeff Wells. He originally created this picture to be used in the Rolling Stone article about DB (this was around the time of Triage - hence the "AIDS and Armageddon theme). The article ran, but the pic didn't make the cut. So here it is, after all these years, finally making its debut. I want to thank Jeff for allowing me to show off his work.

    Posted by Dan on Thursday, February 06, 2003 at 17:54

    When I started this web site a couple of years ago, this was basically what I had in mind - a simple list of things that I knew about David Baerwald and his music.  I was a fan and I knew how hard it was to stay informed on David's latest projects.  This was it - a list.  Now the list has grown quite a bit since then, but the goal remains the same - to share what I know about David Baerwald and his music.   If you have articles or other things not mentioned here and would like to submit them, email me and I'll be happy to add to the list.

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