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David Baerwald and the NFU - Live at Stubbs in Austin, TX  3-11-02

First set for David Baerwald as an Austinite. Band features local talent such
as Will Sexton on bass guitar, Hunt Sales (Tin Machine, Iggy Pop, etc) on drums,
and Bukka Allan (Ian Moore Band) on keys. Short set, presumably a warm up for the
2002 SXSW showcase. He performed with a music stand holding various lyrics. Quite
an enjoyable show by all my standards. I commented to David after the set that this
was my first time to see him live, although I'd been a fan for years - he commented
"Ya, I don't do this much." Great guy, great music.
- Dave from rawtime.com

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These pictures come courtesyof James


These pictures come courtesyof Dave

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